Spirit Guide Inspiration

Getting back into drawing was not as easy for me as I thought it would be. How is that so? I over think the processes and materials, can’t create a starting point for myself, or my personal favorite … not finishing a drawing or project I started. So as a way to get work out there, I have chosen to work with “a theme” for myself. Obviously, just by scanning previous posts, that theme is nature among some other ideas. My family is Mohawk, and I still find it hard to explain to people what I know, and how I feel as a person that is only part. I have learned from elders from many different nations about the many cultures that encompass Native spirituality. I have realized that the learning process is going to be something that will take a long time. That is why we look to our elders to teach us, rather than the young people, right?

My “Spirit Guide Series” is about the search for finding oneself, finding the knowledge that is sought, and highlighting the beauty of the world around us. The picture below is connected to an article from National Geographic about a beautiful pack of creatures. Seeing them in their home environment would be a dream for me.