Encaustic Cloud Forest



This past summer I took a biology/tropical ecology class. We would be spending two weeks in amazing Brazil, studying the ecosystems in the Amazon Rainforest in the state of Amazonas. Before we left, we had some classes briefing us on what we would see. The professor mentioned cloud forests, and something like this image came to my mind. Of course, I think of large pine trees when I envision “forest.” This is that original thought, done in ink, then the paper is dipped in encaustic wax.

In case you were wondering, the actual definition of a cloud forest is, “A cloud forest, also called a fog forest, is a generally tropical or subtropical, evergreen, montane,moist forest characterized by a persistent, frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover, usually at the canopy level. Cloud forests often exhibit an abundance of mosses covering the ground and vegetation, in which case they are also referred to as mossy forests. Mossy forests usually develop on the saddles of mountains, where moisture introduced by settling clouds is more effectively retained.” (according to Wikipedia)


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