Artist Statement

Landscape and the natural world govern my inspiration as an artist. My process starts with my cultural beliefs and deep appreciation of what the Earth has to offer and then highlights values, issues, and concerns about our environment. I aim to give viewers unconventional ways of looking at Earth’s beauty and allow them to form their own emotional response to what is in front of them. The goal is to have the viewer think about the planet we all live on and respect the resources around us. My work highlights the tie to the Earth that Native American belief systems are based on, I hope to create the same sense in my viewers.


One thought on “Artist Statement

  1. This statement suggests a journey that I hope you continue to embrace. It represents a dialectic between things that are emotive and are understandable, and things that are emotive and beyond comprehension; and they are micro/macro landscapes that should demand an emotive response–just not a particular, prescribed one.

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