Spirit Guide Series

While this drawing is going to hang out with me for a while before I saw that it is actually completed, it represents a deep connection and lesson that took me a long time to understand. The series will include more sacred animals as I continue to expand.




A Completed Project

I have always loved the textures and sheen of different papers, and have recently started studies of what paper can do for the eye. This is paper cut out of a European Robin, finished with a line drawing.

The Process:






It’s Been A While

Thank gosh my computer memorizes my password for this blog … because I didn’t. I know, this is a boring blog, it’s not like there was a “HOLY S*** she’s not updating me!” moment.

BUT after laying in my bed, bored, I’ve decided to draw something everyday. I drew one thing. One day.  Then laid in my bed some more. Went to work, then laid in my bed. You get it. Anyway, I’m going to try to keep this blog updated with what I’m doing. In the cold months, on my days off, I’ll (hopefully) be drawing. Or making. There will be lapses, it seems I have forgotten how to be creative. Come summer I will be boring you with garden pictures and information.

Maybe, I’ll change the name, or just get a new blog entirely. Time shall see. If there are no further updates, you have my permission to unfollow me. (Even if there are updates, and ya don’t dig ’em, you can delete me anyway. May the odds be ever in your favor… I just watched the Hunger Games)

Making Strides … Or Striations. Get it?

Now that I’ve ventured into geologic study, I guess I can make some nerdy jokes. (Please don’t be offended geologists, my jokes are always lame.) Anyway this an in-progress shot of one of two panels. Each will measure 3 feet by six feet. They will hang from the museum’s ceiling in … you guessed it – landscape orientation.